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What Are Operating Procedures Of Concrete Mixer

- Jul 28, 2017 -

What do you know about the operating procedures of concrete mixer? What should users pay attention to when operating the concrete mixers? Daswell machinery will introduce the operating procedures to users. The operating procedures of concrete mixer: 


1. The concrete mixer should be placed on the solid ground, which is supported stably with scaffold and outrigger. The tyres are forbidden to use to support the concrete mixer.

2. Before starting the concrete mixer, check every controller and component whether they are in good condition. There must be no material in the mixing drum. 


3. When the charging hopper of concrete mixer is rising, it is prohibited to stand or go through under the hopper. After work, it is necessary to fix the hopper of concrete mixer well. 


4. It is not allowed to put the tools into the mixing drum when the concrete mixer is running. 


5. When checking the concrete mixer, users should fix stably the hopper of concrete mixer and cut down the power. There must be someone outside when checking inside the mixing drum of concrete mixer.