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Trailer Prices Are Not The Reason Why The Conversion Plant Is So Complicated!

- Oct 10, 2017 -

Trailer prices are not the reason why the conversion plant is so complicated! 

1. Increased cost of steel raw materials purchased from trailers

Trailer prices rose, a large part of the reason is the fence steel, steel and other raw materials prices rose, and personnel costs in the near future almost no change.

2. Terminal demand

By the impact of domestic environmental health situation, real estate, automobile manufacturing enterprises and other traditional steel demand for steel has returned to a high point, a time in short supply of steel, will naturally lead to various types of steel products prices.

Since last year's "921", in order to chase the "lightweight", the domestic set off a tide, until now some of the mainstream trailer still have endless orders, the upsurge has not faded, trailer procurement of raw materials to increase the cost of natural To raise the price of the trailer.

3. All industries are facing environmental pressure

Not only the freight industry, all walks of life have felt the "green" pressure. Ore, bentonite and other raw materials in the steel production line into a finished steel will discharge a lot of pollution, forced by environmental pressure, many steel mills had to let the environmental protection equipment to run up, and the increase in the cost of steel will be reflected in the price The

Say the trailer factory, paint is a finished trailer off the line before the last one of the last few processes, paint mist spread to the atmosphere will seriously pollute the air, environmental protection departments in order to control the air quality control part of the factory production trailer, so trailer on Into a tight commodity, prices naturally "should be".

4. National economic restructuring led to energy prices

"Global steel production in China first, Hebei second, Tangshan third" is the network of China's steel industry ridicule, this sentence reflects the side of the domestic low-end steel production capacity of the flood. A few years ago the state realized that the low-end production capacity of the economic situation seriously affected, so actively adjust the industrial structure, from coal, ore and other raw materials to steel products, optimize the various links in the industrial chain.

The production of ore, coal, bentonite and finished steel products have been effectively controlled, and the market demand is still very large, resulting in a variety of raw material prices, the finished product prices naturally rise, the card buyers to buy Trailer more money is the inevitable result.