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Trailer For Correct Operation

- Jan 18, 2017 -

1. finding traction vehicle rear and front traction vehicles of the towing hook locations. Many trailer hook position design in the lower part of the bumper of the car, usually marked a clear position in the vehicle manual, owners can also observe front and rear bumper discovered that there is a place in space, here to use round or square covers linked to the location of the covered car trailer location.

2. some car trailer hook is separated, you need to use when assembling. After removing the cover on the bumper, Assembly linked to onboard.

3. install the trailer tool. Whether it is the choice of soft or rigid trailers tools, the installation has to be guaranteed when connected car hooks solid and reliable, designed on the towing hook safety latches lock into place. In a trailer before starting check the connections again. Towing hook is not installed at both ends of soft tow rope used to bind Slipknot if deadlock after the huge traction pulls the tow rope is hard to unravel.