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Trailer Considerations

- Jan 18, 2017 -

1. select colors eye catching trailer tools such as fluorescent green, fluorescent yellow, blue, red, and so on. Color is not visible in the trailer tools hanging on color of cloth. Trailer at night with reflective materials as much as possible of the towing rope or rod to increase warning effect.

2. trailer with side trailer hook position is installed in the vehicle before and after, such as failure to link on the left side, linked to the left side of the tractor should be selected to ensure the road riding. And be sure to check when install tow hook, ensure the trailer hook fastening installed so as not to use a trailer hook eject hurts in the process.

3. takes note of before and after the communication. Trailer has a lot, back and forth between the driver's cooperation is very important. Before the trailer driver should formulate a reasonable route between, avoiding complex and congested road conditions. If there are no radio as a communication tool, you need to be before we got in the way agreed upon starting, slowing communication signals, turning, sloping up and down operation, vehicle control.