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Semi Trailer Standardized Production, Modular Installation

- Aug 20, 2018 -

This year, Shandong Weihua Company realized standardized production of semi-trailer and modular installation.

At present, standardized production is mainly for container trailer,fence trailer and side wall trailer. After two years of meticulous research and repeated experiments, we have carried out 28 major projects of semi-trailers, 80 minor improvements and reforms, and finally realized the standardized production of semi-trailers, the ideal of modular installation, plus Baosteel Tianhe Wang. With the help of the total, the warehouse-type semi-trailer has been raised to a new height, bringing the gospel to the Chinese logistics industry and the majority of terminal car owners.

First, the source of raw materials: The company's main investors are from Shanghai Baosteel's general agent in Liangshan. All the processed parts and steels of our products are assembled or welded by Baosteel materials, which provides the greatest guarantee for product quality.

Second, structure: Based on years of sales experience, we understand the real needs of customers, combined with their years of experience and advanced thinking, to make the semi-trailer more scientific, rigorous, convenient and practical.

Third, it is convenient, all parts and components of uniform specifications and models are all common. The column, side beam, flower bar and box board are all made of high-precision automatic CNC equipment, and the error can be controlled within 0.5 mm. As long as the size is the same, it can be interchanged. For example, the flower bar or column of the same size is used in any of the cars we produce, and it is very convenient to disassemble.

Fourth, the design concept: the use of humanized, scientific, rigorous, practical design concepts. Only you can not think, no I can not. While being lightweight, it is more durable and the structure is more reasonable.

Fifth, in the early stage, we are doing semi-finished products: we have done the car shelves, you buy them back to install the suspension, lay the bottom plate, and install the lower plate to complete. The above part is exactly the same as the LEGO bricks, you just press the button.