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Put Detail Maintenance Of Concrete Batching Plant Into Practice

- Aug 15, 2017 -

The production line of concrete mixing plant is the lines with a lot of equipment in all segments and all components. In the production, users should pay attention to the proper operation and regular maintenance of every component, which can make the whole equipment function well. Weihua machinery will give you some suggestions on how to operate and maintain properly.

The protective doors of various distribution cabinets of concrete mixing plant should be well sealed and waste powder should be eliminated completely. Count the cleaning tools and lock the door. Clean up the tool shed and electric apparatus room. As for the dust remover of concrete mixer in the concrete mixing plant, check the linkage situation of the butterfly valve of dust remover and concrete mixer. Check the operation situation of dust removal fan, dust remover blowback and shock device. Check the dust collection pipeline whether it is broken and check the accumulating situation and elimination of the dust in the dust collection pipeline. The lubrication of concrete mixing plant includes shaft end sealing and shaft end bearing, lubricate them according to requirements. As for the hopper of finished products, clean up the cylinder, check the gas supply system, release the waterlogging in the oil water separator, and eliminate the dust. Machinery of mixing station and other equipment: check the sealing situation of shaft end sealing in concrete mixer. Regularly check the synchronous gear, dynamic chain, dynamic main reducer and the situation of the dynamic motor bearing. Regularly check the emptying door and cylinder, the tightness and abrasion of mixing blades and lining plate.


All the above operations seem to be some detailed question and never think yourself above business. Users should put the maintenance into practice, which can make the equipment operate in high efficiency.