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Matters Need Attention When Shutting Down Concrete Mixing Plant

- Aug 14, 2017 -

The application of concrete mixing plant is generally becoming more and more wide in the road engineering. Many operators know clearly about matters needing attention when starting the concrete batching plant, but they neglect the importance of the shutdown of concrete mixing plant, which will affect the whole engineering progress because of some small faults. In order to avoid the similar situations occur again, Daswell machinery make a summary of shutting down the concrete mixing plant.


1. After using concrete mixing plant, clean the mixing drum, discharging door and discharging hopper in time and wash them with water. At the same time, wash the additives and charging system. Clean up the tool apron and the tool edge of weighing system and ensure the weighing accuracy.

2. In the freezing season, release the remaining water in the water pump, additive pump, water tank and additive tank. Start the water pump and additive pump and make them run for one to two minutes.


3. When transferring or stopping using the concrete mixing plant, eliminate the materials in the water tank, additive tank, storage hopper of cement and stones and weighing hopper thoroughly and wash them cleanly. When transferring concrete mixing plant, fix the counter weight of the lever and uninstall the transducer.