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How To Protect The Mixing Drum Of Drum Concrete Mixer In Winter
Aug 08, 2017

The drum concrete mixer is the machine which mixes concrete in the mixing drum, so the mixing drum plays an important role in the drum concrete mixer and it is very necessary to protect the mixing drum properly.As we all know, the use of drum concrete mixer in the cold winter is inevitable. So Daswell will introduce some protection methods of the mixing drum of drum concrete mixer to customers. 


1. In the cold winter, the water will be frozen in the mixing drum, which will damage the mixing drum in a certain degree. So there must be no water in the mixing drum.

2. The concrete is also easy to solidify on the mixing drum. It is very difficult to eliminate he frozen concrete. What’s worse, if it accumulates too much concrete in the mixing drum, the use of drum concrete mixer will be affected. Therefore, after using concrete mixer, eliminate the remaining concrete with water in time. 


3. The snow covering on the drum concrete mixer must be cleaned completely. 


It is not very difficult to protect the mixing drum of drum concrete mixer. In order to prolong the service life of your concrete mixer, please protect it properly.


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