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Heating Phenomenon In Hydraulic System Of Concrete Mixer Brings Damage

- Aug 09, 2017 -

The heating of the hydraulic system of concrete Mixer directly affects the normal operation of concrete Mixer. The damage which is caused by heating phenomenon can be mainly classified into the following points. 


1. As the temperature of the hydraulic fluid increases, the viscosity of the hydraulic fluid will drop. Naturally, the leakage of concrete Mixer will increase, and the actual flow of concrete Mixer will necessarily drop. 


2. The sealing elements of the hydraulic system and hydraulic components will go bad under the high temperature, so the springiness will drop. The sealing performance also will reduce and even loses efficacy. All will lead to the increase of leakage.

3. When the viscosity of hydraulic fluid reduces, the lubrication performance of hydraulic fluid will drop and the abrasion of hydraulic components will increase quickly. The wear failure of hydraulic components will accelerate, which shortens the service life of hydraulic components. 


4. Because the material and the thermal coefficient of expansion in the valve element and valve body of hydraulic valve are different from each other, the thermal expansion of valve element and valve body will lead to the blocking phenomenon of valve element. 


In order to avoid these phenomenons, after using the concrete Mixer for a period of time, users should stop the machine and make the hydraulic system become cool to ensure the efficiency of concrete Mixer.