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Five Steps Of The Safe Operation Of Concrete Mixer

- Aug 03, 2017 -

There are five main steps when users operate the concrete mixer safely. 


1. Press the mixing button of concrete mixer and the mixing shaft will run smoothly. 


2. Add some aggregate, cement and sand into the hopper. The right charging sequence is stone, cement and sand.

3. Start the lifting electric motor of concrete mixer and make the feeding hopper rise to the top of orbit. After finishing discharging into the mixing drum, make the hopper descend to the lowest point of the orbit immediately which can be convenient to the next recycle feeding. 


4. Press the water supply button and the water pump will begin to work and add appropriate water into the mixing drum. 


5. After mixing 25 seconds to 30 seconds, press the tip-over turbo reducer button. Driven by turbo reducer, the mixing drum will rotate a certain angle along the mixing shaft and materials will be discharged along the discharging outlet. 


After the concrete mixer discharges, press the tip-over turbo reducer button, mixing drum recover to the working condition. Until now, the whole operating cycle is over and the next operating cycle begins.