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Axle Maintenance Warranty

- Nov 28, 2017 -

Axle of the day-to-day maintenance and repair

(1) Before the vehicle is running, check whether the external connecting bolts on the axle are loose, whether the oil leakage on the axle, the wheel hub and the reducer assembly are abnormal or not.

(2) Axles mandatory maintenance:

A: Forced maintenance varies depending on the operating conditions between 3000-5000km.

B: The first maintenance includes: changing the oil, gear oil, check the front axle beam, adjust the brake clearance, etc., check the fasteners and so on.

(3) Axles regular maintenance:

1: Regular maintenance is performed every 10,000km after the first maintenance.

2: regular maintenance of the contents: replacement of lubricating oil, tighten the fasteners, check the beam before, check the brake friction plate wear to reach the wear limit should be promptly replaced and adjust the brake clearance, check the reducer assembly , And the main driven gear and the gap between the passive gear is too large, gear oil is more than the use of efficiency, in case of similar circumstances should promptly adjust the gap and replace the grease.