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What Should Users Do Before Using Concrete Mixer
Jul 31, 2017

When users begin to operate a concrete mixer, they often use it directly and don’t check it at all. They don’t think that it is necessary to check the concrete mixer before using the concrete mixer, because it is in good condition when they use it last time. But, in fact, the examination of concrete mixer before using concrete mixer is of great significance and it can ensure the high quality of concrete and prolong the service life of concrete mixer. 


1. Operators should check concrete mixer whether it is stable. If it is not stable, move it. 


2. Check the lubricant oil of every lubricating part whether it needs to replenish or change.

3. Check the power supply whether it is safe or not and eliminate the security risks in time. For example, check the connection parts of electric motor and electrical components whether they are firm, and the zero and earthing resistance whether they conform to the requirements. 


4. Check the hopper and ensure the clutch and brake are reliable and flexible. 


5. Check the mixing blades, mixing shafts and other vulnerable parts whether there are failures. If so, eliminate them in time. 


6. After checking, clean the mixing drum. After test sun, users can operate the concrete mixer.


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