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Three Differences Between Ordinary and Compulsory Concrete Mixer
Aug 10, 2017

Like the concrete mixer which is used in our daily life, ordinary concrete mixer is suitable mixing concrete and mainly used in the development and construction of small projects, such as building construction.What are the differences between ordinary and compulsory concrete mixer?


1. The mixing drum of compulsory concrete mixer is fixed and it can mix materials by the rotation of mixing blades on the mixing shaft in the mixing drum. Compulsory concrete mixer has features of strong mixing function, good mixing effect and high efficiency.

2. Compulsory concrete mixer is mainly suitable for mixing dry hard concrete and light aggregate concrete. And it has strict requirements on materials.


3. It is mainly used in concrete batching plant, mixing building and other engineering constructions. 


During the operation, the ordinary concrete mixer should close down, but there is no need to do that for compulsory concrete mixer, which can improve the production efficiency and save the labor force. Therefore, in the large engineering, compulsory concrete mixer is the most commonly used.


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