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The Type of Van Semi Trailer

- Aug 22, 2017 -

Van semi-trailer

Series box van trailer body using high-quality steel , advanced technology , strict production process is made , reasonable vehicle structure, reliable performance , easy to manipulate , beautiful appearance. Accessories using well-known manufacturers of products , and in strict accordance with the quality system documentation requirements procurement, testing , use, ensure a good performance of the vehicle.

to transport household appliances products , textile goods , coal, sand and other construction materials and Figure dish goods. Envelope corrugated steel cold rolled high strength , non- skeletal structure , the center of the earth , diverse selection, large cargo space , cabinets and reasonable distribution , X- bracing , with Dora , heavy , light weight characteristics, the car top has closed , sliding open type , open, until tarp pole , easy to operate , meet user diversity, individual requirements. 

Van semi-trailer in a closed side fence design , effectively reduce the risk of high-speed driving laterally , reducing energy consumption, after a reasonable protection design stroller attachment for easy operation. 

Van passenger compartment and the cab is generally the overall structure, Specific forms of structural compartments varies according to its function . Refrigerated vehicle compartment addition to the general functions of the car , it also has insulation, thermal insulation function ; live -top compartment cover can be used vertically to change the volume of the car to meet the requirements of different loading and unloading of goods ; wing compartment open easy loading and unloading of goods, improve handling efficiency . 

Side curtain trailer 5.jpg

Wing open trailer.jpg

Box Semi Trailer.jpg