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The Important Structure of Concrete Mixer

- Jul 28, 2017 -

According to different geographical origins, hydraulic mixer, the important structure of concrete mixer, can be divided into domestic hydraulic mixer and imported hydraulic mixer. According the different structure forms, hydraulic mixer is composed of gear mixer, vane mixer and pillar-plug mixer. Different forms of hydraulic mixer can be used in different pressure grades. 


Because gear mixer is low in cost and well-adapted, gear mixer is widely used in the concrete mixer in the early time. However, because of the smaller pressure bearing and bigger impulse resistance, gear mixer is often installed on the low pressure mixer or used in the auxiliary oil passage system of medium and high pressure mixer.

Pillar-plug mixer can be classified into oblique tray pillar-plug mixer and oblique axle pillar-plug mixer. It is very popular because of the wider adaptive pressure rang. 


The main hydraulic mixer of some low pressure concrete mixers adopts oblique tray pillar-plug mixer, which improves the quality of the concrete mixer for the high grade component configuration. The imported hydraulic mixer is also oblique tray pillar-plug mixer, which is world-class product. The domestic oblique axle pillar-plug mixer is also high in quality. In fact, users can judge the quality of concrete mixer performance from the hydraulic mixer.