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The Characteristics of Second Generation of Concrete Mixer

- Aug 01, 2017 -

Fine stone concrete mixer is an automatic equipment which is specialized in the delivery of cement fine stone mortar and cement concrete. 


The first generation of concrete mixer uses the mechanical force as the power and there is a limit of the delivery height. It only can be used to pump cement mortar and it is unable to use the machine to deliver cement concrete with stones. The second generation of concrete pump begins to use oil pressure as the power and the delivery height increases greatly.The characteristics of second generation of concrete mixer: 


1. Use the oil pressure as the power, which makes the delivery height increase to 100m to 120m and the horizontal delivery distance increase to 300m to 600m.


2. Not only it can deliver the cement mortar, but also it can deliver cement concrete with stone.


3. The machine combines the charging, batching, adding water, quantitative mixture, mixing, and high-pressure transmission into one, which can mix the slurry evenly and have a good stability. The proportion of mortar, stone and cement can be adjusted easily.