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Some Useful Knowledge of Concrete Mixer

- Aug 04, 2017 -

Though concrete mixer has various types, they have the same functions. All concrete mixers are suitable for mixing plastic concrete, dry hard concrete, light aggregate concrete and various mortars. It has the characteristics of wide use, good mixing quality and high production efficiency. The use of concrete mixer is of great significance to engineering construction.Maters needing attention when using concrete mixer:


1. Put down the outrigger and put wood slab under the outrigger if necessary. Adjust the lead screw to lift the tyres away from the ground and take down the traction rod. Then adjust the chassis of concrete mixer to make it in the horizontal place.

2. Check the lubricant oil in the reducer and worm gear reducer whether it is sufficient and add lubricant oil to every lubricating part with oil gun. 


3. Pull the belt of the motor with your hands and the rotation should be flexible and smooth. Next, users can do the test run. 


4. Users can push up the total clutch when the motor is in working order. After 2 to 3 minutes idling running, check the rotation of the mixing drum whether it is steady, smooth and normal. Users can’t operate the concrete mixer until the hopper and discharging door are flexible.


5. When the concrete mixer is working, it is forbidden to repair and maintain the concrete mixer. But, users should keep the concrete mixer clean. After using the concrete mixer, users should wash the concrete mixer every time to prolong the service life of concrete mixer.