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Semi Trailer Features & Usuage

- Sep 12, 2017 -

Semi-trailer features

Compared with the "single" car, semi-trailer can improve the comprehensive economic benefits of road transport. Transport efficiency can be increased by 30-50%, cost reduction of 30-40%, fuel consumption decreased by 20-30%. More importantly, the use of semi-trailer, but also on the organization of China's logistics play a certain degree of promotion. So in a sense, the beginning of the century the rapid development of the logistics industry and the use of semi-trailer is inseparable.

semi-trailer usage

1. Plate-type semi-trailer cargo parts for the fence structure of the semi-trailer. Widely used, mainly for heavy and medium and long-distance transport of bulk cargo, has become the long-distance freight vehicles of choice.

2. Flat-type semi-trailer car parts without a fence, widely used, mainly for long-distance freight.

3. Low flat semi-trailer is also widely used for a variety of machinery and equipment, large objects, highway construction equipment, large tanks, power plant equipment, a variety of steel transport.

4. Warehouse-type semi-trailer loading parts of the use of fence structure of the semi-trailer design. Mainly used for agricultural and sideline products and other light cargo transport.

5. Van semi-trailer products for household appliances, textile goods, coal, sand and other building materials and cartoons transport of goods.

6. Container semi-trailer cargo parts for the container structure of the semi-trailer. Mainly used for ships, ports, routes, highways, transit stations, bridges, tunnels, multimodal transport matching logistics system.

7. Self-loading semi-trailer for coal, ore, construction materials and other bulk transport of bulk cargo.

8. Tank semi-trailer cargo parts structure for the tank structure of the semi-trailer. Mainly used for transport of liquid, bulk materials and bulk cement.

9. Vehicle-mounted semi-trailer parts of the semi-trailer with the design of the fence structure. Mainly carrying cars, but also can be loaded van, commercial vehicles, jeeps and other passenger cars.

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