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Self Loading Concrete Mixer Features

- Aug 23, 2017 -

Self-reinforced concrete mixer Features:

1, mostly used to stir the general plastic concrete, the most widely used;

2, the power of internal combustion engine and electric two, more convenient;

3, simple structure, the required power is small;

4, with it to mix coarse aggregate aggregate concrete, the mixing of the aggregate diameter of 76 mm below the concrete, for the smaller wear of the blade;

5, in use, easy to operate, easy maintenance:

6, to adapt to the site scattered or concentrated use;

7, in use, the need for a lot of labor to meet the transport of materials, discharge time is longer. Mixing drum cleaning more difficult;

8, in the mixing process, due to cement flying in the air, the staff of the health effects of a larger. Although this mixer still has some shortcomings, but it is currently widely used in tunnels, bridges, construction and other projects on the site.