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Matters Needing Attention When Operating the Fine Stone Concrete Pump

- Jul 27, 2017 -

Weihua is a professional company which produces fine stone concrete pump and other equipment. During the operation of fine stone concrete pump, there are many things that users should be taken into consideration. 


1. Check indicating lamp and hydraulic pressure gauge whether they are the correct indicating and there is something wrong or not. 


2. The set point of main oil pressure should conform to the requirement. 


3. During the reversal pumping, the inversion and recovery of piston should be reliable and flexible.

4. When pressing the pumping button, the piston of concrete cylinder and the reversing of S pipe should match up with each other correctly. The pushing frequency should meet the requirements. 


5. After the idle running for half an hour, check every part whether there is strange sound, whether the hydraulic system has oil leakage, whether the oil level and oil temperature are normal and whether the water level of water tank has declined obviously. Then shut down the machine.