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Maintenance Matters of Weihua Drum Concrete Mixer

- Aug 11, 2017 -

1. Weihua drum concrete mixer is suitable for the environment temperature from 4℃ to 5℃ and the relative humidity should be smaller than 90%. The optimum temperature is constant temperature and drum concrete mixer should be placed in the ventilated, dry and clean place.


2. It is forbidden to touch the drum concrete mixer for under age children. 


3. The lubrication of reducer adopts oil immersed type. The oil reserves should be above the oil line and the oil also should keep clean. If the drum concrete mixer is used frequently, change the oil every three months. Meanwhile, reducer should be removed and cleaned.

4. The electric control components should be clean and sensitive. Repair it timely if there are faults. 


5. After using the drum concrete mixer, pour out the remaining materials and clean it up. If stopping using it for a long time, clean the drum concrete mix and cover it with tarpaulin. 


6. The hopper should be removed lightly, installed steadily and put down gently. 


7. Check the power shaft, transmission, and reducer of drum concrete mixer gently whether every component is flexible. If there are faults, repair it in time to ensure the normal operation of drum concrete mixer.