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Maintenance and precautions for semi-trailer

- Sep 18, 2017 -

Maintenance and precautions for semi-trailer:

1. Routine check before or every time (by user)

 The following security checks must be performed once a week or before each shipment (whichever occurs first):

a. Check the tire pressure and adjust the recommended level to the tire manufacturer;

b. Check the tightness of the tire screw;

 c. check the brake system with or without leakage, test whether the brake;

d. check the suspension of all nuts and screws, bolts tight;

e. Check the tractor and semi-trailer brake connection;

f. to the cylinder and the air chamber with air suspension;

g. check all the lamps;

 h. check and ensure that the legs are working properly;

i. check the wear of moving parts;

2, the monthly inspection (by the user operation)

a. Check the elasticity of all suspension parts (according to the torque data provided);

b. Check if there is a leaf spring reed break;

c. check all the brake system joints, hose damage, hose clips are missing;

d. Check the proper operation of the relay valve and other valves;

e. Check the wear of the pull bar bushings;

f. Check the brake drum for cracks or abnormal wear;

g. check the axle of lubricating oil will not leak;

h. Check all fasteners and focus on fasteners for legs, tires, axles, etc. (in any case, nuts, screws and other fasteners should be tightened to the recommended torque parameters);

i. check the wear of the traction pin;

j. check the brake is normal;

k. to the legs and traction plate / traction pin lubrication; 

l. mild lubrication brake camshaft, relaxation regulator;

m. Check whether the side wall panels, door panels, and the roof of the junction of the opening of the situation;

n. Replace the wear parts with production or approved parts.

3. Annual maintenance

 Six months after the start of the vehicle, a full inspection is conducted every 12 months to ensure the performance of the vehicle (including maintenance at the 6th month). The scope of inspection is the same as the monthly check above, and the following terms are added:

 a. Remove the brake drum, thoroughly check the brake shoe without any additional or improper wear;

 b. check the brake shoe return spring, brake bushings, camshaft bushings, brake shoes, such as drum damage;

 c. check the bearing, axle connection parts;

 d. thoroughly check the vehicle structure, if there is a problem immediately report;

 e. Replace all wear or damage with the replacement parts recommended by Shengtong Automobile Co., Ltd.


 4. Lubrication

 In order to safely drive and extend the service life of semi-trailer, must be regularly added to the lubrication of the grease, add oil should pay attention to the following matters:

 a. refueling and oiling cups should be cleaned first.

 b. oil cup can not be injected into the grease, should check the cause, if damaged should be replaced.