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It Is of Great Importance to Operate Drum Concrete Mixer Correctly

- Aug 09, 2017 -

Drum concrete mixer is the concrete mixer that customers frequently talk of. No matter it is large drum concrete mixer or small drum concrete mixer, the drum concrete mixer belongs to civil concrete mixer. Though the production of civil concrete mixer is not very big, civil concrete mixer, as the small and medium engineering construction machinery, is a very good choice. 


When using a drum concrete mixer, users must operate it correctly. Otherwise, not only the drum concrete mixer can not bring ideal benefits for users, but also it may bring many inconveniences to users.The right operating procedures of drum concrete mixer:

1. After starting the drum concrete mixer, waiting for the normal operation of electric motor and then push the total clutch. The idling running should be 2 to 3 minutes. Only after the mixing drum of concrete mixer is stable and normal, and the close and open of hopper door is flexible, can the drum concrete mixer start to work. 


2. It is forbidden to get close to the concrete mixer for non-staff members. And examination, repair and maintenance are also not allowed for staff members when drum concrete mixer is running. It is prohibited to put the instruments into mixing drum of concrete mixer to dig up the mortar and discharge materials. 


3. When the power is more than 5kw (The power of drum concrete mixer is more than 5kw, except climbing hopper drum concrete mixer and climbing ladder drum concrete mixer), drum concrete mixer must be equipped with starter and igniter.