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Hydraulic System of Weihua Concrete Mixer

- Aug 08, 2017 -

1. The design and installation of hydraulic system should conform to requirements. And the setting pressure of every relief valve should be not bigger than 110% of the rated pressure of the hydraulic system. 


2. The operation of hydraulic system should be reliable and smooth, and there should not be abnormal noise. When the hydraulic system is working under the rated flow and 50% of the rated pressure. The ratio between the impact value of reserving pressure and 50% of the rated pressure should be bigger than 0.5. 


3. The pollution grade of the solid particle in the hydraulic oil of hydraulic system can be graded according to some standards. 


4. The precision of the oil absorption filter of oil mixer should meet the demands of the use of oil consumption. In the continuous working condition, the vacuum degree of oil absorption should not exceed -0.02MPA, and the filter precision of oil line system should be not lower than 20um.

5. The inner wall of oil tank should be dealt with acid cleaning and phosphatizing and there must be no dirt and oil dust. The indication of oil level should be clear and accurate. The oil level should be in the three fourths of oil level indicator. 


6. During the normal operation, the highest working temperature of hydraulic oil in the oil tank should not exceed 80℃. 


7. The energy accumulator should be fixed and reliable. 


8. There must be no oil leakage of hydraulic elements and pipelines in hydraulic system.