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Dump semi trailer

- Mar 06, 2017 -

Dumper or Tipper semitrailer 

Dump/Tipper semi-trailer suitable for the transport of coal , ore , building materials and other bulk goods scattered . Dump trailer use can be divided into two categories : one category is used in non- road transportation of heavy and super heavy dump trailer is mainly responsible for large-scale mining, engineering and other transport tasks, and generally supporting the use of excavators . Another part of the road transport of light, medium and type dump trailer is mainly responsible for ordinary sand, mud , coal and other bulk cargo transport, often with supporting the use of loaders . 1 , the use of rollover and rear compartments turn dump mode , which can effectively improve transport efficiency loaders transporting bulk goods scattered . 2, the frame and carriage stringers are made of high quality manganese plate welded dustpan and rectangular cartons have two kinds. High strength , lifting ability, stiffness, toughness, strong carrying capacity, without permanent deformation . 3 , sophisticated technology : the main components of advanced processing equipment , Stringer has made automatic submerged arc welding , using the precise assembly of axle assembly machines , steel spring .

Side Dump Semi Trailer.jpg

U Shape Dump Trailer.jpg

Rear Dump Semi  Trailer.jpg

Rear Dump Container Trailer.png