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Common Senses of Installing and Using Concrete Mixer

- Aug 15, 2017 -

As one of the main products produced by Weihua machinery, concrete mixer has large product sales in the Chinese market and keeps a good and stable development in this industry. Next, Daswell will introduce the common senses of using and installing the concrete mixer to customers.


1. Concrete mixer should be installed on the firm pedestal. Operators should embed foundation bolts for a long term use and operators should lay a wooded sleeper on the engine base and place concrete mixer stably.


2. Operators on the operating board of concrete mixer should be able to see the working situation of every component. There must be rubber plate and dry board putting under the operating board of electric motor. 


3. The wiring of electric motor and electric component should be firm and the resistance of the protective zero connection and ground connection should conform to requirements.

4. Before operation, do the hopper lifting test and check the clutch and brake whether they are reliable and flexible. 


5. All transmission mechanism, working devices and brakes are tight and reliable and there are protective covers for exposed gear and belt pulley. 


6. In the operation of concrete mixer, when concrete mixer is rising, it is forbidden to remain or go through under the hopper. When checking or cleaning the materials pit under the hopper, lift the hopper and lock it with iron chain and driven-in pin. 


7. Feed materials into the mixing drum in the operation of concrete mixer and new materials can not be fed into mixing drum until the original concrete in the mixing drum is discharged completely. 


8. After operation, clean the concrete mixer comprehensively. If operators must enter into the mixing drum, cut down the power supply, take the fusible cutout off the concrete mixer and lock the switching box.