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17.5m Low flatbed semi-trailer

- Aug 28, 2017 -

17.5m Low flatbed semi-trailer

Weihua Company's Low Bed Semi Trailer, including concave beam Low bed Trailer, Step Deck Low Bed Semi Trailer, Low Flatbed Semi Trailer, Tyre Exposed Lowboy Trailer.The load capacity from 30T to


 2Low Bed Semi Trailer.jpg

Weihua Company's 17.5m Low flatbed semi-trailer normally used to transport heavy vehicles ( such as tractors , buses, special vehicles , etc. ) , rail vehicles , mining machinery , forestry machinery , agricultural machinery and equipment ( such as excavators , bulldozers , loaders, pavers , cranes, etc. ) , and other heavy-duty cargo , the lower the center of gravity , better stability and security , transportation of goods and by ultra-high- capacity overhead obstacles stronger . 


Low flatbed trailer structure and loading . Usually low flatbed semi-trailer chassis, both concave frame beam ( or well-type ) front traction saddle gooseneck ( gooseneck front of the tractor pulling the pin on the connected client and goose neck trailer frame connected ) , the middle of the dock ( the lowest part of the frame ) , the back end of the wheel frame ( with wheels ) . When flatbed trailer loaded into the low mechanical equipment , machinery and equipment are usually loaded from the back-end semi-trailer , which uses the above rack from the rear or the way mobile mechanical equipment to remove the wheels and then fixed mechanical equipment trailer on .