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Cummins Engine Parts For Foton Auman

Cummins Engine Parts For Foton Auman

Cummins Engine Parts for Foton Auman

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Cummins Engine Parts for Foton Auman

Cummins engine 2

No.OEM No.DescriptionApply ToDischarge Standard
12865048O ringFoton TruckEurIII to Euro IV
23696212cummins generator
33696364belt tensioner
43696357fan cawl
53696359flywheel friction lining
63696538fan belt
73696368fan pulley
83698018cylinder cover spacer 
93695719cylinder cover screw
104327066high-pressure oil-pump
113695683high-pressure oil tube
133695511priston ring
143698002priston ring
153696971piston injection nozzle
163695507piston pin
173696436oil pump
183696330oil level gauge
193695681oil joint
203695642Oil cooling cover gasket
213696866engine oil cooler assy
233695524Inlet pipe gasket
243696843inlet valve
253696223inlet elbow
263056138water inlet joint
273697611water inlet elbow
283696295oil inlet tube
293697413exaust valve
303696187exaust manifold
313697436bypass water tube
324307475oil injector assembly
333696142valve spring
343695789valve oil seal
353695663air valve hood pad
361122929200005front axle shock absorber
375446857crank shaft
383696274fuel pump washer
393696203fuel feed pump
403696204fuel feed pump
413697317fuel feed pump
425264569water connection gasket
433695880Oil Pan Gasket
443697681boost/supercharger washer
453697685thrust plate
463698413thrust shoe
47CI-18Lengine oil
481122934000012steering actuation cylinder
493696801Resistance hydrosphere
503697683Resistance hydrosphere

Cummins engine parts 1

Cummins engine part 1

Cummins engine parts

Should you're interested in it, welcome to buy the quality and durable cummins engine parts for foton auman with competitive price from us. As one of the leading trailer manufacturers with over 20 years experience, we won't let you down.
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